Managed properties

  • Jungmannova

    Jungmannova 738/18, Praha 1
    The building at 18 Jungmanova, Prague 1, located on the corner of Jungmanova street and Palackého street, is originally the Gothic house „Kostelákovský“ (Přeštický) with numerous extensions and superstructures
  • Michalská

    Michalská 439/13, Praha 1
    The building at 13 Michalská, Prague 1 is originally a Gothic house „U bílého zajíce“, rebuilt in Baroque style in 1726 and in Classicist style in 1807.
  • Na Florenci

    Na Florenci 1023/19,21, Praha 1
    The building at 19 and 21 Na Florenci, Prague 1, so called „Desfourský palác“ was built in late Classic Revival style in the years 1845- 1847.
  • tcp-as


    Národní 365/43 – Perlová 365/10, Praha 1
    The building at 43 Národní, Prague 1 is the monumental Renaissance Revival corner house with four wings, situated on quadrilateral ground plan on the corner of Národní street and Perlová street.
  • Platýz

    Národní 416/37 Praha 1
    Its story began around 1347 when a palace of Count Frederic of Burgundy was built in place of three townhouses at Church of St. Martin. In the early 15th century, Jan Bradatý of Stříbro
  • Prague’s Quay

    Dvořákovo nábřeží, Rašínovo nábřeží ...
    For many centuries, the city had an ambivalent relationship with the river. The River Vltava was a key transport artery and at the same time, also an obstacle; a source of drinking water as well as a wastewater sewer; a picturesque landscape element as well as a threat in the days of devastating floods.