TRADE CENTRE PRAHA a.s. (hereinafter also referred to as “TCP”) is obliged, on the basis of a contractual relationship with the capital city of Prague (hereinafter also referred to as the “CCP”), to arrange tenancy relations on behalf of the capital city of Prague as a Lessor (hereinafter also referred to as the “lessor”) with tenants to lease premises owned by the CCP.

These rules set a procedure for renting premises and the intention to lease must be published by posting on the official board of the Municipal District of the capital city of Prague pursuant to Section 36 (1) of Act No. 131/2000 Coll., On the Capital City of Prague (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”).

Therefore, the Rules do not apply to short-term rentals of up to 30 days  or to the rental of apartments. The procedure for renting riversides is provided on the website of Prague riversides,


The selection procedure for the lease is initiated by the publication of the intention on the official board of the Municipal District of the capital city of Prague through the relevant department of the MDCCP. The intention is published for a minimum of 15 days.

The selection procedure announcement date is the day of publication on the official board of the Municipal District of the capital city of Prague. The selection procedure announcement is published on TCP website at the same time, i.e.

The applicant will submit his/her offer in accordance with these Rules.


The offer must include:

1. Identification of the applicant interested in the lease

– The name of the applicant (a natural person who does not run a business will enter his/her date of birth, a natural person who runs a business and a legal entity will enter their identification number);
– Address of the applicant (residence, office address);
– The name of the person representing the applicant + the power of attorney, if the representation is not registered in the Commercial Register;
– Telephone, e-mail

2. Proof of compliance with qualification requirements

Qualification requirements for participation in the selection procedure are fulfilled by a business person – a natural person or a legal entity according to Subsections a) to e) and a natural person according to Subsections b) to e):

a) whose property is not under insolvency proceedings in which a bankruptcy decision has been issued or insolvency petition has not been rejected because the property is insufficient to cover the costs of the insolvency proceedings or whose assets have not been declared bankrupt or who has not been the subject of bankruptcy or against whom no bankruptcy or settlement proceedings have been initiated or a bankruptcy claim was not dismissed for lack of property of the bankrupt or is not in liquidation;
(b) who does not have tax arrears on the records;
(c) who has no overdue liabilities to social security and general health insurance;
(d) who has not been lawfully convicted of a criminal offense, the conduct of which is in any way connected with the subject of the applicant’s business or of an economic offense or an offense against property. In the case of a legal entity, this condition also applies to a person acting as a statutory representative or a member of the statutory body;
e) who has no overdue liabilities to the lessor (i.e. the CCP or TCP).

A proof of compliance with qualification requirements is part of the offer and is, for Subsections a) to e), supported by an affidavit (an example can be downloaded HERE)and an excerpt from the Commercial Register not older than 90 days, if the applicant is registered in this Commercial Register. A proof of compliance with qualification requirements can be submitted later, on the basis of a request of the lesser following the evaluation of the offers.

3. Price offer

The price offer in CZK/m2/year must be submitted in one original copy signed by the applicant or by the person authorized to represent the applicant and placed in a separate sealed envelope indicating the selection procedure “………street and house number … – Price offer”, this sealed envelope will be placed in another envelope along with the offer.

4. Required rental period

5. Overview of past activities

Or experiences in the given field, and appropriate references (if available). In the case of business premises also visualization of the window, including the logo.

6. Declaration of acceptance of a security deposit of at least two monthly rents


The offer must be prepared in writing in the Czech language, signed in a legally binding manner, i.e. by the applicant or a person authorized to represent the applicant, and submitted in one copy. This offer, together with a sealed envelope with the price offer according to Section II. (3) of these Rules, shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope marked “Selection procedure for the lease – …… street + house number …..“ and this envelope must be delivered personally to TCP main address, i.e. Blanická 1008/28, Prague 2 or delivered by the postal service provider no later than on the specified date.

The lesser reserves the right to refuse all submitted offers or to cancel the selection procedure. Evaluation of offers is carried out by TCP Commission in accordance with the company’s internal rules. The selected applicant will be contacted without undue delay.

EXAMPLE of an Affidavit regarding the compliance with qualification requirements of the prospective tenant for participation in a selection procedure for the lease of premises can be downloaded HERE