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Jungmannova 36/31, Praha 1

Building Palace Adria is an important architectural dominant the capital city of Prague. It was built in years 1923 – 1924 for the insurance company Réunione Adriatica di Sicurta. Architects Pavel Janák and Josef Zach designed the façade of the building in Rondocubism style, inspired by motives of towers and crenellations of middle Italian Signoria renaissance palaces. The last reconstruction of the building was completed in the year 1998.

The eleven-storey building of the Adria palace has an irregular quadrilateral ground plan and is located in high profile place on the corner of Národní st. and Jungmanova st. which are connected by the arcade in the building. The building is listed as a cultural monument, is located inPrague Historical Reserve and is as well a UNESCO monument.

The building is divided into three wings; each of them has an independent entrance from the building arcade. At the two main entrances, there are receptions which provide a number of supplementary services. On the ground floor of the building, there are business premises with an independent entrance on Jungmanova street and a joint contact place of companies Pražská enegetika, a.s and Pražská plynárenská, a.s. named “Spolu pro Prahu”. Basement space is used not only as storage space and operational premises of the building there is the popular theatre “Divadlo bez zábradlí” as well. Remaining space in the building is used mainly as office space but moreover, there is a gallery and two flats. Last but not least is a restaurant with an independent entrance from the arcade. The restaurant has a spacious terrace with a view over Národní street and Jungmanovo square.

Technical operation of the building is provided for by central dispatch office with round-o-clock service, the building is equipped with EPS (electronic fire) and ESZ electronic safety) systems and monitored by the camera system and the security service.
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