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Hudební divadlo Karlín

Křižíkova 283/10, Praha 8

Historical building of the theatre Hudební divadlo Karlín, the project designed by architect Otto Ehlen, built 1881 and rebuilt in the years 1885 and 1897, is an important Baroque Revival building, interiors of which corresponds to early Vienna Art Nouveau. The oldest part of the building, original theatre Théatre – Variété, which used to host circus and variety shows, is built in Baroque Revival style.

Last extensive building adaptations were carried out in the late 1950s. In August 2002 the whole building was heavily damaged by devastating flood when the water level reached two meters above the ground floor. After that, the building was completely reconstructed and extension in the east part of the building site, where operational premises of the theatre are now located, was built. The architectonic design was done by Atelier ANIMA s.r.o., academic architect Jindřich Smetana and co. The reconstruction was finished by the gala opening night on 12. 10. 2006.

Nowadays the building is equipped with modern technologies, which control its operation, as well as the most up-to-date theatre technologies.
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