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Jungmannova 738/18, Praha 1

Building Jungmanova 18, Prague 1 located on the corner of Jungmanova street and Palackého street is originally the Gothic house “Kostelákovský” (Přeštický) with numerous extensions and superstructures, divided into two main wings which are connected by yards in the courtyard. The contemporary form of the building is a result of Renaissance Revival reconstruction carried out according to the design of J. Čermák and E. Prückner in 1880. The building is listed as a cultural monument, is located in Prague Historical Reserve and is as well a UNESCO monument.

The main entrance into the building is on Jungmanova street. The entrance on Palackého street is a service entrance only. The whole ground floor is used as business premises, 1st to 3rd floors are used for living, but there are offices as well. In storage space of the building flood barriers, for the building U Sovových mlýnů 2, Prague 1, are deposited.
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