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Michalská 439/13, Praha 1

Building Michalská 13, Prague 1 is originally a Gothic house “U bílého zajíce”, rebuilt in Baroque style in 1726 and in Classicist style in 1807. The later rebuilding was done by developer František Heger. As a result of the later rebuilding, the house gained present form, including the façade, which is six-axis articulated in the plaster by ledgements which bear on flat window sills of 1st and 2nd floors. The last reconstruction of the building was carried out in the year 2000. The building is listed as a cultural monument, is located in Prague Historical Reserve and is as well a UNESCO monument.

In the basement space of the building, there is a restaurant; on 1st to 3rd floors are atypical studio units and flats.
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