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Národní 365/43 – Perlová 365/10, Praha 1

Building Národní 43, Prague 1 is monumental Renaissance Revival corner house with four wings, situated on the quadrilateral ground plan on the corner of Národní street and Perlová street. The designer of the building was Ignác Ullmann and changes were made by developer František Havel in years 1865 – 1866. In the years 1927 – 1930 extensive changes were made based on the project of V. Nekvasil (superstructure of 4th floor) and the arcades, designed by architect Pavel Janák, connecting streets Národní and Perlová were built. The arcades are well preserved in its original form, brass shopping window frames are original from the time when the building was built. At that time the ground floor of the building was converted into a shopping center.

The building is listed as a cultural monument, is located in Prague Historical Reserve and is as well a UNESCO monument.

At present the ground floor is used as business premises, remaining spaces of the building are used as flats and offices. The building is being gradually reconstructed, in years 2000 – 2001 arcade of the building was retouched, horizontal water distributing system was replaced (including reconstruction of a shared sanitary facility), façade was repaired and roofing was replaced. The building is during nights and at weekends guarded by security service.
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