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Národní 416/37 Praha 1

Its story began around 1347 when a palace of Count Frederic of Burgundy was built in place of three townhouses at Church of St. Martin. In the early 15th century, Jan Bradatý of Stříbro became the building’s owner and, several owners later, in the late 16th century, Jan Platais (Platejs) of Plattenštejn came and gave the building his name. In 1813, Platýz passed into the possession of Sir František Daubek. Under his ownership, the palace underwent a Classicist reconstruction based upon plans by Jindřich Hausknecht. This reconstruction unified the cluster of several buildings into a single four-wing building with an internal courtyard. Thus, the first tenement house in Prague came into existence. It got contemporary form by the reconstruction in the 1920s. The building is listed as a cultural monument, located in the Prague Historical Reserve and it is a UNESCO monument as well.
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