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Sovovy mlýny

U Sovových mlýnů 503/2, Praha 1

The oldest reference about buildings in the area of Sovovy mlýny is from 1393. The buildings were originally workshops and a mill driven by water wheels. Extensive changes were done in the yeas 1858-1867 by F. Odkolek. The new building form did not last for long, the whole building was in the year 1894 competently destroyed by fire. The burnt building of Sovovy mlýny was bought by Prague municipality in the year 1920, the part heading to the river was pulled down and the whole building was gradually reconstructed. In the following years, the building was used by the Czech Academy of Science. After November 1989 the Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation started to make an effort to open an art gallery there. In the year 2002, the building was completely reconstructed so that it could be used as a modern art gallery. Immediately after the reconstruction, but before setting into operation, the building was in August 2002 during the devastating flood completely flooded and reconstruction had to be carried out again.

The building is listed as a cultural monument, is located in Prague Historical Reserve and is as well a UNESCO monument.

Nowadays in the building, there is the Muzeum Kampa which is run by the Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation, the aim of which is to present contemporary modern art.
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