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Jungmannova 747/28, Praha 1

Building Jungmanova 28, Prague 1 was built in the year 1933 as an International Modern style construction of the department store Te-Ta, is listed as a cultural monument, is located in Prague Historical Reserve and s as well a UNESCO monument.

It is located in the right heart of the Prague center and connects, by its arcade on the ground floor, busy Junmanova street with a quiet area of Františkánská zahrada. In the years 1996 – 1997 the building was reconstructed and extended, design for which was done by Z. Hölzel a J. Kerel. It is historically known for its large business area covering the whole layout of the building, in the past, there used to be a shop with sports equipment (so-called “Dům sportu”) at present there is a modern Centrum energetického poradenství of Pražská energetika a.s. company.

The frontage of the building is a six-story house (so-called “front house”), in the street part, there are a garage entry and entrance to arcades with the main business premises and an inside entrance to the building. On the 1st floor there are offices, on 2nd to 6th floors there are flats. The second part of the building (so-called “back house “) is an extension built during the last reconstruction in the 1920s. In that building, there is one high standard apartment with a unique view over the Františkánská zahrada. The front and the back houses are connected by a superstructure with business premises, and on the top of which a picturesque garden is situated. The last part of the building is listed Renaissance house “U tří zvonků” alternatively called “Brikcího dům”, which is at present used as a hair and beauty salon.

In the arcades of the building, there is situated a central dispatch office with round-o-clock service, the building is equipped with EPS (electronic fire) and ESZ electronic safety) systems and monitored by the camera system.
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