Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility of TRADE CENTRE PRAHA

“We want to behave and we behave responsibly towards the environment in which we work and towards the people whose lives we influence.”

I. Economic area

TRANSPARENTNOST – We place great emphasis on transparent behavior of our company. We carefully and systematically keep all background information of business transactions and other activities. Contracts, contracting parties, financial performance and other data on public contracts are published both on the company’s website, in the Central Register of Contracts maintained by the capital city of Prague (CES), and in the Register of Contracts in accordance with Act No. 340/2015 Coll. On the Register of Contracts and, if necessary, in accordance with the Public Procurement Act also in the profile of the contracting authority. All relevant information is thus publicly available and completely transparent. Economic results are publicly available in the Collection of Documents of the Commercial Register in Prague.

APPLYING THE PRINCIPLES OF GOOD PRACTICE – “Our company has a clear hierarchy and all layers of the company are actively and synergistically cooperating. The fundamental internal regulation of the company is the Rules of Organization, which is immediately followed by the Signature Rules. It sets out in detail the principles for company employee signature authorization, verification method, correctness and signature check in the way which ensures that sharing and mutual counter-signature of documents in decision-making powers between multiple individuals is ensured. Two members of the Board of Directors always act and sign on behalf of the company, thus fulfilling the so-called four-eyes principle with the fact that the fundamental decision-making processes are set by the decision of the whole Board.
The activities of TCP employees are managed and controlled by the bodies of the joint-stock company (the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board) through which the capital city of Prague is involved in the management and control of TCP activities.


  • The principle of vertical control
    Each employee is an immediate subordinate to one manager and is responsible to him for performing the tasks. In his work, the manager relies on the experience of his colleagues and consults with them, but this does not absolve him of the obligation of independent decision-making and responsibility.
  • Enforcement of the rule of law
    Through its employees, TCP is required to comply with generally binding legislation in all its activities. Each employee is further obliged to contribute to the preservation, consolidation and development of TCP interests and to be loyal to the shareholder, i.e. the capital city of Prague and members of the company’s bodies.
  • Budget and management
    TCP carries out its activities on the basis of a budget approved by the TCP Board, taking into account the efficient management of budgetary resources. The principle of a careful manager is applied, complemented by a clearly defined individual responsibility for the entrusted values and their management.
  • Principles of horizontal cooperation and coordination                                                                                                            Individual managers inform each other and work together in a horizontal management structure. In its work, TCP builds on its own analyses of management and activities, the latest theoretical knowledge and practical experience of employees. Managerial control is supported by a functional internal control system which is part of all company processes and internal regulations.


REJECTION OF CORRUPTION – “We completely reject all corrupt practices. There is no room for any unfair practices in our company. As a company 100% owned by the capital city of Prague, we consistently follow all the regulations and decisions of our owner. Based on this relationship, we also meet and ensure the implementation of the principles and requirements of the new anti-corruption strategy of the capital city of Prague for the years 2017 – 2019 approved by the City Council of the capital city of Prague in February 2017.”

TIMELY SETTLEMENT OF OBLIGATIONS – “We are committed to comply with the maturity dates of invoices and payment of incoming invoices before the due date. As part of the billing process, TCP has adopted an internal regulation that sets out a detailed list of specific steps and responsibilities of individual employees (formal invoice inspection, factual invoice inspection, maturity, amounts, account numbers, variable symbols, signatures of several employees on the settlement cover sheet, etc.)”

MAXIMUM BALANCE OF ALL CONCLUDED CONTRACTS – “We expend considerable diligence and effort in making all contractual relationships, contracts and amendments balanced at the maximum level. An electronic record system is set up in our company. Data on public procurement contracts are published on the TCP website, in the Central Register of Contracts maintained by the capital city of Prague (CES), and in the Register of Contracts in accordance with Act No. 340/2015 Coll. On the Register of Contracts and, if necessary, in accordance with the Public Procurement Act also in the profile of the contracting authority. All relevant information is thus publicly available and completely transparent.”

II. Social area

HEALTH AND SAFETY OF EMPLOYEES – “The health and safety of all our employees is our priority. We pay attention to strict adherence to regular statutory medical examinations, as well as mandatory occupational safety trainings. We also provide a company doctor, who is available to all our employees at any time. At the same time, we enable all our employees to undertake emergency first aid courses, including emergency resuscitation training.”
EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT – “We are of the opinion that continuous education is a fundamental pillar for both company and employee development. We enable all of our employees to participate in other important and interesting training sessions relevant to their work, which are beyond mandatory training. In case of interest, our employees have the opportunity to attend regular foreign language lessons at the headquarters of the company.”
EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES – “In our company, we enable all employees to have equal opportunities in all spheres, regardless of gender, background, religion, etc. Within our labour relations, we offer all parents with children the possibility of part-time employment.”
CORPORATE VOLUNTEERING – “Every year, our company assigns one day for voluntary help in a certain area that needs a helping hand. In cooperation with the initiative, we always select the best way to help wherever the help is needed.”
SUPPORTING THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF CITIZENS THROUGH SPORT – “Our employees are interested in supporting a good cause, especially through sport. Our every employee has the opportunity to engage in a “collection” of kilometres to support a good cause. A project to be supported for the year is selected based on employee recommendations. With every kilometre run, cycled, walked, roller-skated, as part of the annual “¨Bike to Work” event, each employee contributes to the total number of kilometres. Based on the total sum of all kilometres of all TCP employees, we contribute a proportionate amount to the selected project for each kilometre.”
SUPPORT OF WOMEN WITH BREAST CANCER, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS AND YOUNG ATHLETES WITHIN THE MANAGEMENT OF AQUACENTRUM ŠUTKA – “Since 2013, our company has been supporting the Alliance of Women with Breast Cancer, and within the management of Aquacentrum Šutka we provide a free rental of the whole facility to this Alliance, which organizes annually a “We Swim Breaststroke” event to support women with breast cancer. We also support young sportswoman Tereza Zimovjanova (aquathlon, triathlon) by allowing her free training on our premises. In addition to these projects, we support other non-profit organizations. More at: Aquacentrum Šutka: We support. Aquacentrum Šutka also supports the Social Car project. In 2016, we supported the opportunity to purchase a social car for Klokánek in Prague Průhonice; in 2017 a social car for the Red Cross in Prague and again Klokánek in Prague 8.”

III. Environmental area

WE RECYCLE – “We are aware of the pollution problem in today’s world, and therefore we do our bit to help. In all our workplaces, offices and buildings we advocate a consistent waste separation.”
WE SAVE ENERGY AND WATER – “We are not indifferent to the environmental state of our planet. Each employee therefore consistently aims to limit the use of water and electricity in the workplace.”
ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT OF BUILDINGS UNDER THE TCP MANAGEMENT – “Step by step, in all of our managed buildings, we provide repairs, modifications and reconstructions that ensure a lower consumption of electricity, the possibility of waste separation for all tenants and users of the premises, frequent and thorough cleaning of all areas, reduction of heat loss and etc. We replace unsatisfactory lights sources with energy-saving sources, as well as technical equipment and appliances of buildings, where we try to implement state-of-the-art technology in individual components as well as systems.”
CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE OF RIVERSIDES – In the framework of our company’s management of Prague riversides, we provide regular, extensive and thorough cleaning of the river bed beyond our obligation. At the same time, in cooperation with the authorities concerned, we provide supervision over arriving vessels to control possible oil leakage and other hazards.