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Technical and facility management of two dozen properties in the capital city of Prague

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Rental and complete commercial use of managed properties

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Reconstruction, modernization, special projects

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We have been providing services in the area of property management and commercial use of real estate, engineering, bookkeeping, and comprehensive real estate consultancy since 1990.

TRADE CENTRE PRAHA a.s. (hereinafter referred to as TCP a.s.) was established on February 19, 1990, for the purpose of management and provision of commercial use of selected properties owned by the capital city of Prague. These are predominantly real estate properties with a specific character of usable areas.

Services provided in the area of management and commercial use of real estate are complex, including ensuring of operation through own capacities and the provision of building modifications of real estate from regular repairs to general reconstruction. The company provides territorial, development and engineering preparation of projects based mainly on the use of the estate owned by the capital city of Prague, and comprehensive real estate consultancy. In recent years, the company’s services have been extended to the management and operation of the swimming pool Aquacentrum Šutka and the technical management of Prague riversides.