Administration and maintenance of real estate


The company administers mainly buildings with different historical and architectural significance situated in the central part of Prague. Currently, the portfolio of administered real estate consists mainly of buildings owned by the Prague municipality. All administered buildings are of historical significance and are listed as preserved monuments; they request specific approach both as for their usage and maintenance. Our clients are prestigious domestic and foreign companies.

Among the best-known buildings administered by the company are for example the Palác Adria and Platýz buildings situated in Národní str., the TeTa building in Jungmanova str., the Sovovy mlýny building and the theatre building of Hudební divadlo in Karlín. In the administered buildings are both commercial premises (offices, restaurants, cafés, theatres etc.) and flats. Our clients are prestigious domestic and foreign companies.

Within the building administration and maintenance the company TCP a.s. especially takes care of the proper technical condition of administered buildings, arranges for current maintenance, renewal, and as well large rebuilding. The company TCP a.s as well takes care of the proper functionality of technical facilities situated in buildings in question and arranges for technical check and inspection in compliance with valid regulations.

The long-term objective of TPC a.s. is to establish building-technical conditions, which meet contemporary needs, and requirements of users and at the same time help to increase commercial utilization of the buildings while respecting monument preservation of the administered buildings. Various forms and scope of building adaptations, which range from regular maintenance to general investment reconstructions, are fulfilling this aim.